Where can I get the information about the School?

The information about the school are available at https://scuoladippocrate.life and will be kept up to date.

What's the time schedule of the classes?

Classes will be held in the evening, from 9 pm on weekdays or in some cases on Saturdays.

Can classes be attended at different times?

Classes will be online live, but will also be recorded to be attended at a later stage using the link provided.

Information about on site classes

There will be two on site classes to be held over the weekend, one in northern and one in central/southern Italy depending on the geographical distribution of the attendees.
Please note that participation in at least one of the two on site classes is mandatory.

Who is allowed to attend the School?

The school is open to Master Degrees in Medicine and Psychology, whose registration will accepted upon presentation of the required documents.
For Master Degrees in different disciplines or other fields, including veterinarians, a detailed Curriculum Vitae and a short motivation note will be requested along with their application.
While for doctors and psychologists the application will be accepted rather automatically, for other applicants every single situation will be evaluated by the Course Direction.
The aim is to grant each participants an appropriate language and level for their training.

Contact us

For any information do not hesitate to contact us by filing out the form here below or just email us at [email protected]

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